The systematic care of persons with disabilities was brought into focus in Pakistan in the early 1980’s with the observance of International Disable Day in 1981.

Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Ex-Special Education) is practice of educating students with special education needs in a way that addresses their individually planned monitored arrangement of teaching procedures, equipment’s and materials alongwith amiable atmosphere and ambience.

Presently, the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Ex-Special Education) centres are dealing with the following main category of disabilities for admission.

  1. Visually Impaired Children.
  2. Hearing Impaired Children.
  3. Intellectually deficient Children.
  4. Differently abled Children,

The issue of dealing a child with cross disabilities is of very difficult nature and needs one on one intervention for their education, training and rehabilitation. The purpose of this Admission Policy is to describe the category, procedure and eligibility criteria of children with special education needs for admission in special education centres. This policy provides information to frequently asked question (FAQs) by applicants parent’s and others about admission procedure. This will also be a frame work for the members of the Admission Committee constituted within center to follow the policy.

Children with full spectrum of intellectual and development disabilities from mild to severe will be considered for admission such as children categorized as learning disabled, brain injured, autistic, emotionally disturbed and neurologically impaired. Non-ambulatory children and children with other severe physical disabilities may also be considered on individual basis to demine whether a centre is more appropriate to facilitate their needs.


To provide free, high quality education to Special Children with special needs in the Sindh province and work in partnership with students, families and the community for their optimum development and bring them into mainstream through their reputation/ working and awareness in the society.


Our vision is that every child with special needs reaches their maximum potential in school and makes a smooth transition into adulthood education & vocational training. Our goal is to foster social cohesion and we envision an inclusive society where there is no form of discrimination. Also to build the Capacity of Persons with Disabilities through comprehensive training.


Curriculum Development, Teaching Training, Quality Education, Vocational Skills, Capacity Building, Infrastructural Improvement, Participation, Inclusion Awareness, Transparency Rehabilitation, Expansion & Up- gradation, Community Development, Job Placement Private Sector & NGO Involvement, Monitoring & Evaluation.

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