In Pakistan, over 15 % of the population are people with disabilities. The poor among them are the hardest hit as they face social, attitudinal and physical barriers and discrimination.  Without help, many people with disabilities would languish in pain and misery and remain disconnected from the society. To address this serious situation, vocational skills training for people with disabilities outside of their homes in order for them be able to seek employment opportunities is important.

In Sindh province, under the Social Welfare Department special education and vocational training started in early 90s. Under the Social Welfare Department at Provincial level Provincial Council for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PCRDP) at Divisional level Rehabilitation Center for Physically Handicapped (RCPH) and Rehabilitation Center for Multiple Handicapped Children (RCMHC) established. The special education wing was established on 6 April. 2006, prior to its establishment, Bureau of Curriculum & Extension Wing, Sindh, Jamshoro use to carry out the job under the supervision of Education & Literacy Department. Special Education Department, Government of Sindh was given the status of a separate department in October 2011, while under RoB (January 2012) it was given the mandate/purview of “Special Education & Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities.” In pursuance of Notification vide SORI(S&GAD) 2-4/021(Special Education) dated 3/1/2011, Government of Sindh, SGA&CD define the role of the department as under:

  1. i) Education & Welfare of physically handicapped children or persons especially deaf, dumb, blind and mentally retarded,
  2. ii) Rehabilitation of multiple handicapped children or persons,

iii) Service matters, except those entrusted to the Services, General Administration & Coordination Department.

Whereas services for persons with disabilities continued at Social Welfare Department as those were.

After the 18th amendment in the constitution of Pakistan, there were twelve special education institutions devolved in Sindh province, which were previously run by federal government. These became 54 institutions working actively in the province which are providing the following facilities: Justified and transparent provision of facilities to the students of its special education centers/ schools/ institutes including uniform; free pick and drop facility; nutrition; school bags, books, pencils, reading / learning material at free of cost; provision of voice hearing aids / equipment; wheel chair for persons with physical handicapped; and white can for children with blindness.

In the Sindh province, Persons with disabilities face numerous challenges that result in their exclusion from the mainstream of society, making it difficult for them to access their fundamental social, political and economic rights. Many make their way through life impoverished, abandoned, uneducated, malnourished, discriminated against, neglected and vulnerable. For them, life is a daily struggle to survive. Whether they live in urban centers or in rural areas, they share these common problems. They are largely excluded from essential services and they lack the protection of the family and community, and are often at risk of exploitation and abuse. The factors contributing to this pathetic situation are many and varied but include poverty, unemployment, and social isolation, environmental, institutional, attitudinal, and economic barriers.

Keeping above situation in mind the Government of Sindh Passed Sindh Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities Act 2018 on 23 May 2018 in line with Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). In consequences of above law the Government of Sindh pleased to introduced the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPD). Substituted vide Notification No. SORI(SGA&CD)2-4/2001(SE) dated 01st June, .2018 with the following mandate:

  1. Legislation and policy formulation for ‘persons with disabilities.
  2. Implementation of UN Convention on the rights of Person with disabilities in Sindh.
  3. Matters relating to rehabilitation, education and vocational training of children/persons with disabilities.
  4. Training of Teachers’ and rehabilitation professionals related to Persons with Disabilities.
  5. Development of curriculum for special education and vocational training. Printing of Braille books and reading material in sign language.
  6. Sports, recreation, leisure and cultural activities of children and persons with disabilities.
  7. Campaign for public awareness, social integration and friendly environment for children and persons with disabilities.
  8. Welfare, social protection and economic rehabilitation of Persons/Children with Disabilities.
  9. Registration of Children/persons with disabilities and maintaining of database of children/persons with disabilities.
  10. Registration of Institutions providing care, rehabilitation, education to Children/Persons with Disabilities and grants to such institutions.
  11. Research on the issues of children/persons with disabilities and establishment of centers of excellence.
  12. Budget, accounts and audit matters and purchase of stores and capital goods for the department.
  13. Service matters except those entrusted to Services, General Administration and Coordination Department.
  14. Matters incidental and ancillary to the above subjects.

(Same added through amendment in Sindh Government RoB 1986)

Now total 62 institutions are working under DEPD including GSE&RCs, RCPHs and RCMHCs.


Our Team

Sr.# Officers Name  Designation Contact
01.  (VACANT) Additional Secretary 021-99222013
02. Mr. Shahzeb Shahikh Deputy Secretary (Admin)  
03. Mr. Sadoro Jalbani Section Officer-II (Deals with Officials matter From BS-01 to BS-15)  
04. Mr. Raham Ali Bughti Section Officer-III (General) / DDO & Admin-I (Deals with Officers matters from BS-16 or Above)  
05. Mr. Syed Raza Haider Section Officer (Curriculum)  
06. Mr. Saboor Ahmed Lakho Section Officer (Legal)  
07. Mr. Shahnawaz Siyal Section Officer (Budget)  
08. Syed Owais Rizvi Superintendent Charge As Section Officer-VII  


01 Mr. Ghulam Nabi Nizamani Director


02 Mr. Farman Ali Tanwari Deputy Director 021-99333425
Syed Qassim Naveed Qamar
Special Assistant to C.M for Program Related To Persons with Disabilities

Syed Qassim Naveed Qamar

sindh - pakistan
Mr. Parvez Ahmed Seehar
Secretary, DEPD

Mr. Parvez Ahmed Seehar

sindh - pakistan
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Syed Qassim Naveed Qamar Special Assistant to C.M for Program Related To Persons with Disabilities +92-21-99218394 -
Mr. Parvez Ahmed Seehar Secretary, DEPD 021-99222015 -