VTCD was established with provision of vocational and technical training to the trainees with disabilities of all categories. The objectives of VTCD are:

i. To provide vocational and rehabilitation services to the Person with
Disabilities of all the four categories of disabled persons.
ii. Provision of Job Placement services to the Persons with Disabilities keeping in view of their aptitude and skills.
iii. Integration of the Persons with Disabilities into normal community and overcome discrimination through mainstreaming.
iv. To expose the talent and potential of persons with disabilities in order to create awareness, positive and accepting attitude towards them in the community.

Trades suggested at VTCD are: Computer, Electrical, Tailoring, Arts & Craft, Wood Craft, Leather Craft, Bamboo Craft, Ref & Air-Conditioning, Music, Braille, Machine Shop, Welding, Canning, Mobile Phone Repairing and Photocopy & Bookbinding.
• To develop a healthy attitude among students with disabilities towards work and life.
• To enhance individual employability.
• To reduce the mismatch between the students with disabilities and skills.
• To provide an alternative for those students with disabilities who complete education from Government Special Education & Rehabilitation Centers (GSE&RC).
• To prepare students with disabilities for identified vocations spanning several areas of activity.
• An emphasis in vocational education will also be on development of attitudes, knowledge, and skills for entrepreneurship and self-employment of persons with disabilities.
• To provide opportunities to fulfil the needs of vocational training and education among students with disabilities.
• To give opportunities for professional growth, career improvement and lateral entry into courses of general, technical and professional education through appropriate bridge courses.
• To increase the productive potential of persons with disabilities.
• To raise the economic standard of persons with disabilities.
• To reduce the level of unemployment by providing self-employment, entrepreneurship and other programs.
• To utilize human resource with disabilities to fullest extent.
• To make the students with disabilities skilled technician.
• To help for equitable sharing of benefits of economic development to ensure social and economic justice.
• To help students with disabilities understand the socialization through vocational skills.
• To make use of resources effectively to reduce number of seekers and enhance economic empowerment in persons with disabilities.
• To exploit the vocational training knowledge among students with disabilities for inclusive betterment of the society.
• To generate in students with disabilities a love and appreciation for work.


Policy Criteria for Admission:

An Admission Committee will conduct assessment of candidate for seeking admission in the Institute. The Committee also consults other professional staff as and when necessary. The admission eligibility criteria are as under:
i. A person having a disability is eligible for admission.
ii. Both male and female are entitled for admission, but they should be trainable.
iii. Applicant must be within the age limit from 15 to 25 years, for pre-training there is no age limit.
iv. Applicant must by independent in self-help skills such as Toileting, Dressing and eating etc.
vi. Applicant must have disability registration certificate.
vii. Applicant does not have behavioral problems.
viii. Period of admission in the institution shall depend on the period of skill certification i.e. tailoring three months course, MS office six months course etc.