Sr. No. Title Course Areas Disability Tentative Date Beneficiaries Aim & Object Content of Course
1 Training course on school based Occupational Therapy (O.T) i. cerebral palsy (C.P)  Two week  30 Professional working with C. P and autism  To enable the participant to enhance a child occupation performance in school  i. Define and explain O.T 
ii. Physical Handicapped  1 to 12 August 2019 ii. Why O.T is important in learning process 
iii. Autism     iii. Tools for school based O.T 
2 Training Course on English Braille (Part-I)  Visual Impairment  Two week  25 i. To enhance reding and writing skills of V.I children Introduction to Braille 
15 to 26 August 2019 Braille teacher, Parent, PWD ii. to introduce computer Braille skill  Seven line system in Braille 
      Braille grade-I
      Abbreviation in Braille 
      Punctuation in Braille 
3 Basic training of sign language part I  Hearing Impaired (H.I) Autism Two week      1 Sep to 12 Sep 2019 25 teacher parent, care giver and supporting staff   To communicate with the hard of hearing community and non verbal (Autism )  Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) 
Intro to PSA 
4 Executive Functioning (lesson and activities)  ADHD , ASD ,  Two week 19 sep to 30 sep  35 teacher, parents supporting staff  To understand different Learning Disabilities  Planning, organizing, time management, self control, suctioned attention 
Down syndrome, slow learner 
5 Training on daily living skills (DLS)  C.P autism down syndrome 21 to 22 sep  30 teacher professional parents and supporting staff  To create awareness of DLS and its importance  i. Self care 
Two days 2019 ii. mobility 
  iii. hygiene 
6 Training course of attention deficit Hyper active disorder (ADHD)   Intellectual disability  Two week 26 sep to 07 oct 2019 30 teacher professional parents and NGO representative  To provide knowledge about ADHD  Intro to ADHD 
Multiple disability   Discuss issue related to ADHD Causes of ADHD 
    Management of ADHD 
    Co-Morbidities of ADHD   
7 Training course on how to manage speech problem in children with CP  C.P Two week 3rd to 14th Oct 2019 30 professional special education teacher parents  To increase knowledge of the participant about the importance of speech and communication skills  Intro to CP and its type 
Function and development of speech organ 
Issues of speech in CP kids
8 Importance of skills (Age 2 to 8 year old)   Inclusive  Two week 17 oct to 28 oct 2019 Special educator  parent teacher  To equip with the knowledge of early skills in all kids  Intro to 11 basic skills 
All disabilities  Managing their time table 
  Importance of parent to work with their kids 
  Cognitive, Manipulative, writing, coloring, sensory play, speech skills 
  Scissoring skills 
  Functional & vocational skills