Opportunity of Consultancy in CBR/CBID

Opportunity of Consultancy in CBR/CBID

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Terms of Reference

Consultant – CBR/CBID

 Location : Entebbe, Uganda for CGN Congress and flexible there after

Date: between 15th July and 31st Dec. 2020

Duration: up to a maximum of 20 working days

Due date of application: 15th Feb 2020


Community based rehabilitation (CBR) was originally conceptualized to improve access to rehabilitation services in low- and middle-income countries, by making use of existing local resources. Over the years, however, CBR has evolved into a multi-sectoral strategy that addresses the broader needs of persons with disabilities, facilitating their inclusion and participation within the community. This broader strategy, known to some as Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID) is achieved through collaboration across sectors (such as health, education and employment), levels of government (local, regional and national) and involving a broad range of stakeholders. The evolution of CBR aligns with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), and the human rights-based approach to disability.

Today, there is huge variability in the programmes that are called CBR/CBID. This diversity of CBR/CBID practices was demonstrated at the recent 2nd CBR World Congress, held in Malaysia in September 2016.

In light of the shift in CBR/CBID practices and scope, the World Health Organization (WHO) has taken the lead in re-defining CBR/CBID.  The CBR Global Network (CGN) and the International Disability Consortium (IDDC) have joined this exploration at the invitation of WHO. A number of projects are currently taking place to facilitate this process, including the development of a framework to conceptualize all case studies and presentations that were provided at the 2nd CBR World Congress.

CGN is now inviting eligible individuals to indicate their interest in undertaking a new project, to document the proceedings and presentations of the 3rd CBR/CBID World Congress from 27th  to 30th (all days inclusive) July 2020, Entebbe, Uganda.

Job description

  • To be present at the Congress venue at least 1 day prior, on all the four days of the Congress and at least one following the final day.
  • To collect proceedings of all presentations – including written, digital and audio used
  • To collect notes (both written and digital) of all sessions from rapporteurs.
  • To establish working relationship with all presenters and rapporteurs
  • To collect contact details of all presenters
  • To conduct an in-depth content analysis of all presentations from the 3rd CBR World Congress (including the plenary, parallel and interactive sessions).The analysis will be used to establish patterns that exist in CBID, as practiced.

Responsibilities of the researcher

  • Familiarise with concurrent projects, and relevant documents.
  • To be on site 1-2 days before the congress begins to meet organizers and university students from Kyambogo in Kampala
  • Liaise with assigned persons in CGN at predetermined intervals of the project, to review and report on the project progress.
  • Develop an initial draft report, including a content tree or table, summarising proceedings and findings from the content analysis.
  • Conduct a formal presentation of findings to assigned persons in CGN and IDDC.
  • Prepare final report of proceedings and summaries of findings based on feedback received

 Skills and experience required


  • Advanced university degree in disability studies, public health, social sciences or a related field, and experience in disability / or development work.
  • Demonstrated experience in content analysis, qualitative research and academic writing.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work with team of student rapporteurs


  • Previous work experience in CBR/ CBID.
  • Knowledge of relevant software for conducting qualitative research (e.g. NVIVO).
  • Experience in project management.

 Job timeline

The duration of this project is up to a maximum of 20 working days. The selected applicant is expected to commence the project sometime after 1st July 2020 and be present on site at the Congress 1-2 prior to, for the full duration of 4 days and 1-2 days thereafter to ensure all presentations have been gathered.

 Location of work

This position can be carried out anywhere except during the period of the Congress 27th to 30th (all days inclusive) July, 2020, Entebbe, Uganda; however the researcher must have the resources and capacity to maintain regular contact with CGN representatives, through phone, email, and via teleconference. Face to face contact will be arranged if necessary.




Deliverable / phase

Due date


Preparation for the Congress and On-site before, during and after the event

27-30 July 2020 with 1-2 days before and after the Congress


Provide feedback on project progress

15th Oct 2020


Complete content analysis.

Provide feedback on project progress.

15th Nov 2020


Conduct presentation on findings

1st  Dec 2020


Submission of final report

31st Dec 2020

Application process

Applications must be received no later than 15th February 2020. Applicants must include a copy of their CV, and provide a description of their relevant skills and experience for the project (no more than 2 pages).

The Consultant is required to prepare a proposal to include a work plan outlining activities and timeline as well as a proposed budget for the consultancy. The professional fees including travel cost for the implementation of the deliverables and the payment schedule should also be included.

For more information, and/or to apply for the position, please contact Balakrishna Venkatesh at venktesh.bala@gmail.com, cbr.inclusion@gmail.com.