Admission Criteria


  • Assessment and Diagnosis of candidate for placement in category of disability.
  • Written Test/Interview for admission from class I to VIII by the Admission Committee.
  • Result Card/Certificate of passing / school leaving Certificate is requested for admission in Special Education Centres if coming from another institution.
  • For admission in class IX. Result Card/Certificate issued from previous institution is mandatory required.



Most parents/guardians bring their children for admission to a Special Education Centres/Institution above the age limit, which is inappropriate and less beneficial for children.

To create awareness among parents/guardians of children with disabilities, the age of child at the time of admission shall be as under.

Minimum Age

Maximum Age

Category of Disability

03 Years

08 Years

Hearing Impaired, Visually Impaired, Differently abled.

04 Years

10 Years

Intellectually deficient, Cross Disability, Sensory Impairment, Autism Spectrum disorder and other Disabilities.



The number of admissions shall be subject to availability of seats and the consideration of Admission Committee, which shall take care of the provision of physical space, human resource and there teacher-student ratio.



Children with border-line intellectual disabilities may not be admitted in Special Education Centre/Institutions. It is recommended/suggested that such children may be considered to integrated in mainstream schools.

Similarly children with mild hearing loss, partial blindness and not dependent on wheel chair (Physically Handicapped) shall not be considered for admissions in Special Education Centres/Institutes since they are eligible for admission in inclusive education school system.



  • A team of professional comprising of a senior teacher and social case worker be assigned for admission of such child to a normal school and keep continued follow up for the provision of technical assistance for adjustment and progress.

(Note: if no social case worker available in any center then on senior professional amongst audiologist, physiotherapist, speech therapist or medical officer be assigned for the purpose).

  • A referral service (if required) for medical assessment / assistance of child with disabilities may be acquired from the government hospital located near the Centre.